About Us

The Awaken the World initiative was founded by Daniel J. Schmidt. Today Daniel is a documentary filmmaker and founder of the Samadhi Meditation Center in Canada. His award winning film series, “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” as well as the ongoing “Samadhi” films and guided meditations were created as an outer reflection of his inner journey. These projects are all part of his “Awaken the World” initiative, which is aimed at bringing the ancient wisdom back into the world. It was decided early on that all of the films and meditations would be made available for free for the benefit of humanity.

Daniel was born in 1970 and fortunately decided to drop out of law school to study philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. After several years in the television industry he founded one of the first online music publishing companies in North America. During a health crises in the late 90’s Daniel turned to meditation to help minimize his suffering, and stumbled upon his first Samadhi/ awakening experience at a Vipassana retreat. The experience changed his life, opening him to an entirely new path and discovery of his true vocation.

Daniel works with his partner Tanya Mahar, who co-creates the films with him and helps run the Samadhi Center near Bancroft Ontario. Their next film “The Path” is currently in production.